Last year we announced in a blog post that GLITCHERS was permanently moving towards a 4 day work week structure. 5 months on, we’re taking a look back at the impact our new working structure has had on the company.


The 4 day work week is a part of a global movement to increase not just productivity but also encourage a healthier work-life balance and lower stress levels. Put simply: instead of working Monday – Friday, we work Monday – Thursday then log off for the weekend.

While debate rages online about exactly what the metaverse is, we wanted to share what we’re playing right now, to help get you started. The level of immersion you get from being in VR is unmatched, it really does create new experiences and future technologies that might be part of the metaverse (such as AR and/or NFT’s) are not yet fully realised.

You could argue that the Meta Quest’s digital store front is a sort of early metaverse itself where every app icon is a doorway to a new universe.

There’s estimated to be around 171 million VR users worldwide as of right now – and that number is expected to keep on growing each year. Since Facebook announced it’s rebrand to Meta, more and more people are embracing working, living and playing in this new reality.

There’s just a few more weeks left of 2021 — bring on 2022! At last the festive season is here — a well deserved break for everyone. To say goodbye to the year in style, we’re offering a huge discount on Drive Buy so you can play with your friends wherever they are in the world, over crossplay between Switch and PC.

From all of us here at GLITCHERS Studio, we wish you a very Merry Glitchmas! 🎅

We’re super pleased to announce that Sea Hero Quest is back! This new Research Edition is aimed at large cohort research projects and for the first time, will put an incredibly valuable tool in the hands of new researchers worldwide in conjunction with a backend system to manage the captured data between researchers.

Sea Hero Quest is a mobile game designed to help researchers to understand the mental process of 3D navigation, which is one of the first skills lost in dementia.

This September marks the 8 year anniversary of GLITCHERS and wow — what an amazing 8 years it’s been!

For the past year and a half, we’ve been working remotely across the UK and beyond. But despite the strange new challenges the global pandemic has brought, we’ve adapted, focused on the mental well-being of our tight knit team, and rolled with the punches.

There’s plenty to celebrate, but most of all we’re super proud that our little studio has turned 8 years old! It feels like a serious achievement to have so many games, fans and to have pushed the envelope more than a few times on what people expect of games.

It’s been 2 weeks since we last updated our studio blog and in that time we’ve been super hard at work behind the scenes with some exciting new things that we can’t wait to share! Read on to find out what’s what at GLITCHERS HQ.

In celebration of Japan’s national Golden Week holiday, we’re running a week of exciting events and content in Drive Buy:

✨ Level up in the DOUBLE XP weekend
🚗 A week of extra special, bonus customisation content in the shop!
🎮 Invite all your friends to PLAY FOR FREE with you in the Drive Buy PC Demo
💸 Buy the PC version for 30% off this week

We’re celebrating all… Week… Long!
So grab a shiny new customisation, invite your mates, and deliver some parcels.

Greetings BuyCorp Employees!

Are you tired of working hard for Drive Bucks each week, only to have MASH or Babyman whiz past with a loud “OINK OINK” in a shiny paint job you’ve never even seen before?

Just because we, the devs, drive fast and oink loud doesn’t mean we don’t care about the plight of our loyal BuyCorp delivery drivers.

Hey BuyCorp Employees!

After an incredible journey we’re pleased to announce that on March 31st we LAUNCHED Drive Buy on Nintendo Switch and Steam. You can now show your rivals who’s boss in this crossplay car combat game with a delivery twist! Pick a drive, get behind the wheel, and CATCH THAT PIG 🐖

Calling all Nintendo Switch players: IT’S HERE! 📦

Prospective BuyCorp employees can now get ahead of the queues and pre-order Drive Buy on the Nintendo Switch eShop. That’s not all, we’re also running a 20% discount from now until the 8th of April!

Take the battle to the streets and get your hands on this wacky car combat game before everyone else.