Community Rhythm

In the last few weeks we’ve been watching the community feedback to the The Cold As Ice Update that hit Steam last week.

Now the rhythm on these fortnightly community blog posts is picking up, we’re seeing the value in catching our breath from development. Taking a look around to see what you’ve been up to is just as important as making Drive Buy.

The “Fling Those Mines!” Stream

Last night was our weekly stream and we tried something a bit different. Hugh acted as live director like he was controlling a drone or helicopter capturing the game as it was played whilst giving live commentary.

Shout out to for Morbid_Wisp joining us on the stream and afterwards told us it was so hard playing against us “It was worse than Dark Souls 2” playing against the developers, but he did put up a great fight and was top for quite a long time.

Upcoming Events


Last week we dropped 250 keys and we welcomed new drivers over the weekend. Here are a few of our favourite streams from the week by K.Doctor, Bionic Vapor (because of the little toy cars they’re sat in) and our own clip from yesterdays official stream.

Pro Tip: Shockwave Detonator

Found a mine somewhere dastardly? The shockwave power-up can double as a detonator and with a little bit of patience and a whole lot of luck, you might bag yourself a brag worthy kill – just like this video.


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