This weekend we dropped all the content for Week 2 – more maps, more modes, more mayhem! Our Two Bridges map is (temporarily) gone and in its place are two exciting unreleased maps for your feedback!

Each week we’re mixing up what’s available to play in the beta, so drivers can expect something new and exciting each time they log in. This week our focus was twofold: the Steam Game Festival, and showcasing two never before seen maps in the Drive Buy universe!

Tundra Vs Desert

The biggest addition to Drive Buy this week is the inclusion of two brand new beta maps: Tundra and Desert. These maps are completely unskinned to give you, the players, a chance to test out how they feel to play. We want to know what you love / hate about each one!


Tundra? Sounds… Icy! Brrr. In this small map there are three powerup points to be found and a whole host of curving, winding routes to slip your way through. Plus, at the top of the map you’ll notice a little inlet similar to the basketball court in Kingsland – perfect for hiding in wait with a rocket or two!

“I really like the wider roads of Tundra, it’s so forgiving flying around the map and taking a last minute duck into the port area to escape!”



With a layby to the far left, try not to get lost or find yourself down a dead end staring down your rival’s rocket! In this map you’ll find four powerups – three of which on the main road and the fourth near the spawning point in a ‘hidden’ area of the map. With a name like Desert, is it just me or is it getting hot in here?

“It’s a lot of fun playing on the Desert map, hurtling around the tight corners and hiding out in the secret area up top!”


Vote For Your Favourite!

Don’t forget… Only one of the two maps will make it into the final game at launch though, so head over to our Discord server where you can vote on your favourite later this week.

Pay Day

It’s Pay Day time! One of our most popular game modes is BACK. In Pay Day there’s a limited amount of money hidden around the map. Players must grab as much as they can and then battle it out in a frenzy of rockets, mines, and magnets to steal as much as they can before the timer runs out. What can we say? It’s CAR-nage!

What’s in the shop?

We hope you’ve been saving up those Drive Bucks! Here’s what’s in the shop this week:


  • Graffiti Sunrise for Dr. Tomorrow’s character
  • B-Team for Seth’s character


  • Burners Beam
  • Primos Beam


  • Octopus
  • Fish
  • Moon


  • Nostalgia
  • Blaze

Don’t see what you’re looking for? Check back soon and keep an eye on the timer next to each item! The shop stock rotates throughout the week.

Bug Fixes & Changelog

We also listened to the feedback from our community and fixed a couple of issues, here’s the low down on what has changed this week:


  • Resend verification email
  • Preview Levels “Tundra” & “Desert”


  • No end of match results page
  • Events on the main menu in incorrect place
  • Autoban feature applying incorrectly
  • Login softlock fix
  • General bug fixes


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