Greetings, Drivers & BuyCorp employees!

We interrupt this service with a message from the BuyCorp CEO, Jeff Sellmore:

Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
Buy more stuff, 
Or we’ll make you!

Woah that’s weird – there must be something in the air this week, even BuyCorp’s evil CEO is getting in on the lovey-dovey stuff! Or maybe someone’s slapped him with a ‘Be Mine’?

In any case, it’s here! The final week of the Drive Buy beta has arrived, and this week we’re all about spreading the love. We’re back with Two Bridges, three game modes, and plenty of heart-shaped goodies in the shop this week.

Two Bridges is Back

Whilst we tally up the votes, we say goodbye to the Preview Maps and welcome back Two Bridges.

You know what they say, two bridges are better than one.

If you played with us in Week 1 of the Drive Buy demo you’ll remember this map. It’s a brand new level in the Drive Buy demo where players are separated by a river across two bridges. Keep an eye on what your rivals are up to across the river and target them with a well-timed rocket as they hurtle across the water.

Game Modes

This week’s game modes are Delivery Battle and Piggy Bank. BUT, we also say hello to a brand new, seasonal game mode: Be Mine!


Essentially, Be Mine has very similar gameplay to Pay Day but with one important difference: the only powerup you have available is the mine! But that’s not all, we’ve also given the mines a facelift. Ever wanted to see your enemy explode in a shower of pink sparks? Now’s your chance. 

Be Mine will be available at Double XP on the 14th – so what better way to ask your crush to ‘be mine’ than by exploding them?

What’s in the shop?

Valentines stuff for all! Go on, treat yourself. Here’s what’s in the shop this week:


  • Hot Ion Trail
  • Confetti Hearts
  • Heart Trail
  • Purple & Gold Confetti


  • Heart Badge
  • Berry Frame


  • Be Mine


  • Defender

Fun Fact

Did you know that if you hit level 20 in the Drive Buy demo, you’ll be rewarded with a very special limited edition badge for bragging rights for life? That’s a whopping 209,000XP to earn. So, if you’ve got your eyes on the prize, watch out for this week’s bonus challenges – we’ll be rewarding extra XP to help you get there!

Bug Fixes & Changelog

We also listened to the feedback from our community and fixed a couple of issues, here’s the low down on what has changed this week:


  •  AI now feels fear and can run away from it
  •  AI can smash out of ice
  •  AI is now greedier in Payday
  •  AI will chase better in Piggy Bank
  •  AI improved powerup usage
  •  Two bridges support for new game mode (BE MINE)


  •  Localisation issues
  •  Font issues
  •  AI navigation issue on Desert + Tundra
  •  Lowest quality setting now called “low” not “off”

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