We’re delighted to announce that the Drive Buy beta is NOW LIVE! On Friday 29th we dropped 250 keys and welcomed so many new drivers into the fray over the weekend.

There’s still time to get in on the gameplay though! You can sign up at drivebuygame.com or head over to Steam where we’ll be opening up a playable demo from Wednesday 3rd February at 6pm.

But now that we are live, what exactly is happening during the beta and what can players expect? Well, for starters this beta lasts an awesome 3 weeks and we’ve got heaps of new content rolling out in waves for you to test. Each week of content starts on a Friday, here’s a breakdown:

Friday 29th Jan – 4th FebWeek 1 – Introducing Two Bridges
Friday 5th Feb – 11th FebWeek 2 – Beta Maps
Friday 12th Feb – 19th FebWeek 3 – Be Mine! Special Event

Play in every event to check out all the new maps, new game modes, and have a chance to decide what goes in and what stays out of the game. Here’s the low down:

Levelling Up

There are 20 levels available to play in the Drive Buy final beta and these levels represent a shortened version of ‘Season 1’ (which will be 100 levels), the first season available when Drive Buy launches in March. Just one example is how in Season 1 you’ll have 6 characters to unlock and play as, but we’ve limited the beta to just 4 playable characters in order to gather valuable feedback and keep the game fresh for launch

Whilst there may be some content you’ll see again in Season 1, reaching Level 20 in the beta will bank you some seriously exclusive beta rewards we’ll never, ever release again. Hows that for bragging rights?!

Complete all 20 levels and get the exclusive BETA badge and BETA WAVE frame for your efforts.

Week 1 | 29th Jan – 4th Feb

Week 1 has kicked off the Drive Buy beta with a big BANG and we’re thrilled to see so many of you on the roads this weekend! In terms of playable content, we’ve handpicked our favourite maps and modes for you to get to grips with the game. Here’s what you can expect at the start:

Game Modes

  • Delivery Battle

Go head to head with your fellow drivers in a race to deliver as many packages as possible before the time runs out.

  • Piggy Bank

GET THAT PIGGY! Earn credits as long as you’re holding the piggy bank. The game ends when someone earns 1,000 credits or the timer runs out.


  • Kingsland

Our classic city map, packed with perfect spots for hiding, camping out, and blowing up your mates.

  • Two Bridges

A brand new map to Drive Buy – with gameplay split across a wide river, you can chase down (and rocket target) your rivals speeding across the bridges.

In the Shop

This week you’ll be able to grab yourself a whole host of shiny new customisations including skins, emotes and an especially sparkly rainbow trail. But be sure to get them while you can! Those little clock icons next to the item means they won’t stick around forever!

Lucky 13 and a Crown emote? Killer combo.

Week 2 | 5th – 11th Feb

Log in from Friday 5th February and we’ll be mixing things up a bit. Here’s where the beta gets serious – we need your help choosing what stays and goes. 👇

Game Modes

We’ll be swapping Delivery Battle out for the infamous “Pay Day” mode. Get ready for some big rocket usage in this one! *KABOOM* 🚀

  • Pay Day

Pickup as many credits as possible at the start of the match, then duke it out with powerups until the timer runs out.

  • Piggy Bank

Oink oink! 🐖


In Week 2, we’ll be activating not one but 2 new beta maps for you to play! As mentioned, these maps will be in the very early stage of development so rather than the slick city you’re used to, we won’t yet reveal the final look until launch. Instead, we want you to test the feel of these maps. What works, what doesn’t work? It’s up to you!

  • Kingsland
  • 2x Beta Maps

Find out what they are on Friday 5th!

In the Shop

By Week 2, you’ll probably have picked a favourite team and we want you to show off those team colours. As well as new badges and skins, you can pick up stylish beams to represent your Drive Buy faction. Go Team Primos! *cough* I mean Burners, right?

In the shop this week we’ll have:

  • Moon, Octopus and Fish Badges
  • Blaze and Throwback Wheels
  • Tangerine and B-Team Skins for Seth and Dr. Tomorrow
  • Burner and Primo Beams

Week 3 | 12th – 18th Feb

Love is in the air… 🕊️
…Or is that the smell of exhaust fumes? Either way, we’re super excited for Week 3, or as I like to call it, Valentines Week. For the final week of the Drive Buy beta we want to showcase just what you can expect from seasonal events in Drive Buy.

Game Modes

Week 3 sees the return of Delivery Battle and a brand new seasonal Valentines game mode, ‘Be Mine’ that’ll award Double XP all week!

  • Delivery Battle
  • Piggy Bank
  • Be Mine (Seasonal, Double XP)

In ‘Be Mine’, all our mines are swapped out to the lovable pink mine. Slap one on your loved ones and tell them, in a special Drive Buy way, ‘be mine’. Not only that, SMOOCHING players with mines is the only way to blow them-up as we’ve taken away all other power-ups.


To round off the beta, it’s back to Two Bridges and Kingsland for those final showdowns with your buddies while we tweak and hone the favourite beta map from week 2.

  • Two Bridges
  • Kingsland

In the shop

In the shop this week we’ll be celebrating Valentine’s Day with new heart badges and trails, with some extra limited edition items from midnight to midnight on Sunday 14th February. But that’s not all, to celebrate all your hard work testing Drive Buy there’ll be a couple of extra celebratory items in the shop. Confetti, anyone?

Besides the Valentine’s Day content, in the shop this week we’ll have:

  • Bone White Skin for Val
  • Purple & Gold Confetti
  • Defender Wheel

Drive Safe, Folks!

Remember, if you want to take part in the Drive Buy beta you can sign up and get your key over at www.drivebuygame.com or head over to our Steam page during the Steam Game Festival to download the demo.

And finally…

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