In celebration of Japan’s national Golden Week holiday, we’re running a week of exciting events and content in Drive Buy:

✨ Level up in the DOUBLE XP weekend
🚗 A week of extra special, bonus customisation content in the shop!
🎮 Invite all your friends to PLAY FOR FREE with you in the Drive Buy PC Demo
💸 Buy the PC version for 30% off this week

We’re celebrating all… Week… Long!
So grab a shiny new customisation, invite your mates, and deliver some parcels.


That’s right, starting on April 28th we’re pleased to announce that a free to play, limited demo of Drive Buy will be available for all PC users.


✔️ Compatible with the full game!
✔️ Play online cross-play with anyone in the world for free! Your best friend, your favourite streamer, or a new rival you met on Discord.
✔️ Play as Alex or Val
✔️ All game maps and modes available
✔️ ‘Demo’ badge in the corner of your screen.
❌ You can look but you can’t touch! Upgrade to the full version to equip any customisations you unlock.
❌ You’ll gain XP but you can’t show off your sweet levels in the demo game.
❌ Upgrade to play as: Seth, Humdrum, Dr. Tomorrow or Kenny.


  1. Search ‘Drive Buy’ on Steam
  2. Click ‘Download Demo’
  3. Create an account
  4. Jump into any game!

If you’re thinking about checking out Drive Buy, or have friends that needed convincing, now is the time! The demo won’t be around forever, so get behind the driving wheel right away!


Like what you see in the demo? You can get your hands on Drive Buy for a special price this week. Purchase the Drive Buy + OST Bundle for 30% off for a limited time.


Double XP? Double carnage 💥

Finally, this weekend all matches in Drive Buy are worth TWICE THE XP! Sounds like it’s time to get primed and ready to deliver sweet justice to your rivals this weekend! Double XP will be awarded until May 7th.


This week’s Drive Buy shop is packed with bonus items especially for Golden Week. Check out what you can spend your hard earned Drive Bucks on:

  • 🌇 OVERTIME skin for Alex – We expect you’ll be playing OVERTIME this weekend as all matches have double XP!
  • 🥠 LUCKY skin for Val – Feeling lucky with those rockets, driver?
  • 🍎 Tang Wheels
  • 💸 Cash Bird Emote –The first animated emote of the season! We hope you’ve been saving up!
  • 🌟 Stars Trail
  • 🎉 Liberty Confetti Trail

And two bonus items!

  • 🐟 Fish Badge – Fly your fish flag high, we’ve added this badge to celebrate Children’s Day in Japan. Drive Buy is localised across the world and you can play games in any region!
  • 🌞 Sunrise Frame


Questions about Drive Buy? Give our FAQ a read!

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