This past week we’ve been working on improving the join game experience. We’ve made the experience of being invited to a lobby or party, less overwhelming. We want to allow for a more seamless joining experience, so joining a game in another region will automatically swap you to that region. You can also change the region without having to quit the game and navigate back to the options screen.


  • Games List is now region free
  • You can view all current online games
  • You can change region without restarting the game
  • Joining a game in another region will automatically swap you to that region.
  • Steam Join improvements:
    • Join via invite
    • Join a friends game
  • Started setup for allowing other join methods i.e Discord.

The latest Drive Buy build is available now on Steam.

Next live stream: Tuesday 26th, March at ? 5pm GMT on Twitch


250 new keys have dropped, see you in the game over the weekend! Still not got yours? Make sure you’re on the list at DriveBuyGame.com and we’ll be dropped more keys next week.

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