Hey BuyCorp Employees!

After an incredible journey we’re pleased to announce that on March 31st we LAUNCHED Drive Buy on Nintendo Switch and Steam. You can now show your rivals who’s boss in this crossplay car combat game with a delivery twist! Pick a drive, get behind the wheel, and CATCH THAT PIG 🐖

“Amazing game! Old school nostalgia hits big time”

Darknetcs on Steam

“The levels and xp given are balanced to everyone gets some rewards for playing. Love the music too!”

Silabear on Steam

“I’ve laughed so much, I’ve shouted and screamed at my screen so many times, I’ve got pulled in by the chaos and honestly this is a game worth checking out!”

Leeks Plays

“The vehicles’ arcade-like handling makes hurtling around corners at high speeds and tactically avoiding other player’s projectiles and traps a total blast.”

Redbrick Gaming

Check out the trailer to see Drive Buy in action


To celebrate the launch you can pick up Drive Buy for 20% off on Steam or in the Nintendo e-shop. But hurry! The deal will only last until the end of the day 👇


We’ve loved watching the community get their hands on Drive Buy this long weekend and here’s a shout out to a few of our favourite content creators:

Thanks to darknetcs over on Twitch who not only showcased his fantastic driving skills on Twitch, but also gave us a run for our money in our latest community livestream!

Team VVV took to the streets and gave us a hilarious match of Piggy Bank commentary as they dominated the Two Bridges map this weekend.

A final shout out to our friends SporeRose and NekoBun who’ve been getting stuck into the game and doing some impressive levelling up. Watch out for their rockets and mines!

Check out more reviews of Drive Buy:


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  • April 9th – Go behind the scenes with a special game development stream
  • April 16th – Racing for Pinks – have you got what it takes to beat the devs? Win some sweet skins in the process!

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