Greetings BuyCorp Employees!

Are you tired of working hard for Drive Bucks each week, only to have MASH or Babyman whiz past with a loud “OINK OINK” in a shiny paint job you’ve never even seen before?

Just because we, the devs, drive fast and oink loud doesn’t mean we don’t care about the plight of our loyal BuyCorp delivery drivers.

This Friday we want to give YOU, our best-in-class drivers, a chance to win a very special customisation item.

In a one-off competitive livestream on Friday at 4pm we’ll be RACING FOR PINKS in an all-out challenge to beat us (the game devs) and win a prize.

Each game dev will choose their favourite vehicle skin and you, dear BuyCorp employees have the chance to challenge them and win it!


  1. Choose your prize
  2. Decide who you’d like to challenge
  3. Tune in from 4pm – 5pm on Friday
  4. Join a game via a game code

If there’s time, drivers will be able to challenge a second (or third) dev during the stream, but make your first choice count!


To be in with a shot of winning a RACING FOR PINKS prize, all you need to do is tune in this Friday at 4pm and let us know who you’d like to challenge in the chat! It’s first come, first serve.

Challenge ASHYRIM to win “Goblin”

Difficulty: 7/10
Best Mode: Pay Day

Challenge BABYMAN to win “Chromium”

Difficulty: 10/10
Best Mode: Pay Day

Challenge MASH to win Snow

Difficulty: 9/10
Best Mode: Piggy Bank

Challenge MAIRISPACESHIP to win Mairi

Difficulty: 6/10
Best Mode: Delivery Battle


This event takes place on our Twitch channel, don’t forget to hit ‘follow’ and be notified when we go live!
⏰ 4PM UK Time
📆 Fri 16th April

Don’t forget to hit that ‘follow’ button and don’t miss when we go live!


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