Thanks to everyone that came by our stand at EGX, it was a blast and 4 days of pure eye-opening hands-on delivery driving. We loved every minute of it!

The last week has been a chance to sit down and take feedback on what you all said and how we could turn that into reality. Critical feedback was sparse, mostly people just wanted to get back into the driving seat with their mates and play again and again.

A good sign surely?

Player Feedback

But this is what we noticed from watching you all play Drive Buy at EGX:

  • Flicking the mine off was universally confusing with the prompt of B + X, people just ended up mashing those buttons like crazy to no effect (apart from boosting into any nearby wall and screaming).
  • Some players couldn’t tell the difference between a vehicle frozen by the Freeze Ray and someone who had just re-spawned with a shield. Of course it was hard, they’re both blue!
  • Coin piles eluded most players, either they didn’t look collectable or special enough. Most people drove around them.
This is the thing loads of players struggled with because the prompts were confusing

Platform Holder Feedback

Some notable people came past from various platform holders and a whole bunch of publishers. It was their feedback that has made the biggest impact to the marketing materials of Drive Buy, something players seem to universally accept (or not make comments on).

  • We had feedback that the logo was too 80’s and didn’t represent the style or content of the game, especially as we say it’s set in the future.
  • The evil CEO character, whilst cool, was actually very intimidating – perhaps something that would put of parents buying Drive Buy for younger players.

THe Competition Results

Finally, since EGX we’ve held our competition to announce who are the winners of Drive Buy’s competition to win a Nintendo Switch and 4 copies of Drive Buy when it launches in 2020.

The winner of the Nintendo Switch and 4 copies of Drive Buy was Dave Jones. Congratulations!!

But the stream didn’t like the way we had conducted the drawing after it appeared that Player 1 was winning every match, so in the end we reverted to a good old fashioned draw. To make good on the digital games, all the players that won a match are entitled to claim a copy of Drive Buy at launch.

The other lucky players are:

  1. Megan
  2. Paul
  3. Neil Millstone
  4. Kiran

You can of course watch the full stream and how the events unfolded, it was hilarious and really fun, there are moments when I have no idea what to do – that is fun to watch.

NICE TRY Chatters! We have a WINNER!

How can you help Drive Buy?

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