This post features the Drive Buy roadshow, an event where we go to friendly game studios and bring a custom build of Drive Buy that features stuff about that studio. It’s kind of like high fiving, but with a video game.

Our first stop was with our friends at Chucklefish, known for loads of cool indie games such as Starbound, Wargroove and Stardew Valley (amongst others).

We featured what has become our very favourite emote – the Chucklefish! We also plastered the Kingsland map with advertisements for Wargroove which looked really cool.

Playing Drive Buy with some of the Chucklefish crew!

You can ask for the Chucklefish emote it in our Discord #lounge with your Steam name.

Thanks Chucklefish!

our First drive buy Stream

Hugh hostingDrive Buy on the GlitchersGames Twitch channel

This week also marked our first official Drive Buy stream live from the Glitchers studio. These sessions are weekly now, so tune in to Twitch for our next session:

Tuesday 5th March at ? 5pm GMT on Twitch

During the stream we cover a few topics such as development progress, gameplay strategies and best of all, we get to play with the community.

If you’ve already got a key then hit us up on our Discord and come play with us on the stream next Tuesday.

This Week In Development

  • Boost chaining. Players get boost instantly refilled by making a perfect delivery (Thanks Finn!).
  • The training level is now smaller and has a bit more personality (Thanks Rosie!).
  • Training now ends automatically as some drivers were getting stuck not knowing how to leave. We could see that 50% of players were quitting training through the pause menu (not good). (Thanks Rosie!).
  • The camera has been pulled in further to the vehicle, it looks WAY better and the game feels faster.
  • Made the road more glittery, it now looks like a glittery bowling ball met up with a distant galaxy… plus it’s a lot more shiny but not wet. Just look at it.
  • The pavement is less flat.
  • Match results screen has a better XP bar. It went from 2000+ lines of code to about 100 lines and now does more with less.
  • Added player chat in the lobby and match results screen. Now drivers can sort of talk to each other between matches. It’s a bit of a test so we’ll see how effective it is, but it will be easier to localise, especially good for Europe based matches.
  • Pushed some network settings to be remote so we can keep playing with the interpolation and smoothing on bad connections without having to update the game each time.
  • Added a few new sfx, the one that’s most noticable is played when emotes are thrown up. Does it sound a bit too much like iMessage? Let us know on the Discord.

And Finally…

Check your inbox, another 250 keys have just dropped. See you in Drive Buy over the weekend?

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