Anyone who knows Glitchers, or me specifically, will tell you – I LOVE STICKERS.

The fascination goes way back, but ever since I’ve made games, I’ve had stickers to push into peoples hands. It’s a joke amongst friends that whichever bar they end up in London, on the hand dryer, there’s always a GLITCHERS sticker staring back at them.

Not sure if that’s a testament to sticker culture, my drinking habits or the sheer fact that stickers are just super fun – but I’m writing this blog post, a brief break from our usual programming, to tell you about a company that has furnished my overstuffed pockets with stickers for the last 10 years – Sticker Robot.

Glitchers and Plunderland Stickers
Look how cool the back printing is!

I have very high standards when it comes to everything that I do, so when it comes to stickers, I want the best as well. They need to last forever in direct sunlight, take an absolute beating, be die cut and the print should be SO THICK that you can actually feel it bump away from the vinyl.

All those points can be achieved to some degree with digital printing, but where it really shines is if those designs are being inked with actual ink coming off a squeegee in a process known as screen printing.

Screen printed t-shirts is a thing, screen printed stickers is kind of not a thing. The labour intensity and the manual hard work would make it virtually impossible to be cost effective, even if the results were amazing. But the guys at Sticker Robot found a solution to make it work by gang running stickers on massive sheets. The dream of screen printed stickers is real!

Well, it’s been real for ages, but I still feel like it’s a secret I should be telling people about. I’ve never stopped using them since 10 years ago when I ordered my first batch of Sticker Robot stickers. When Sticker Robot asked me to write about them on our blog, I said, HELL YES!

So this is my ode to Sticker Robot, to all the laptops they garner, all the hand dryers they’ve plastered and all the people who ask me “are these glow in the dark?” – if you’re looking for the everything sticker, check out Sticker Robot. They’re screen printed in California, they last FOREVER but they don’t glow in the dark (hey Sticker Robot, make them glow in the dark!!!).

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