250 steam keys are going out to the first wave of closed beta players today. Check your inbox, if you’re in then boot open Steam to redeem the key. Now you can start delivering products to the brainwashed masses!

For the first 250 players, your career in Drive Buy is just beginning. Behind you are another 250 drivers and another – you get the point.

We’ll keep dropping keys in waves, every few days until everyone has a key. If you didn’t get one this time, keep an eye on your inbox. If you haven’t registered yet, go to DriveBuyGame.com

Why are you dropping in waves?

Drive Buy is a multiplayer game and the technology that powers it hasn’t ever had many players using it at once. By sending out the keys in waves we can test how stable it is and tweak it whilst it’s under pressure. By doing it this way, we’re more confident we can keep game sessions smooth and pings silky.

I saw a bug! What do I do?

Submit bugs anytime by pressing [F1] on your keyboard, leave a comment on either our Discord or forums with steps to reproduce the error and we’ll look into it.

I haven’t received my key?

Check the email you signed up with (or sign up at DriveBuyGame.com) to get access and look for an email with the subject line “Welcome to the Drive Buy Closed Beta” – also, don’t forget to check your spam folder.

Still no key?

You may not have been in Wave 1, but hold tight, new players are being added all the time.

Can I play with my Steam friends?

Sure, but you’ll need to get them to sign up at DriveBuyGame.com before we can send out keys.

How long will the beta last?

Drive Buy will be in Closed Beta for an undisclosed time. When we know more about our release date, we will share this with the community.

What can I do in the meantime?

Show your support: wishlist Drive Buy on Steam, join Glitchers https://glitchers.com/discordon Discord and follow Drive Buy development progress in the Glitcher dev blog.

Share this insider knowledge with your friends on social media and invite them to sign-up for the BETA. Stay tuned for more details on our Discord, Forum and Twitter.

More questions? Give our FAQ a read! That includes any content creators that would like to capture it, stream it and share it.

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