Ushering in a new era of the app store seems like a weekly occurrence. With the iPhone 11 launch we saw the introduction of Apple Arcade: a collection of new games that run across all Apple platforms.

But what about the old gems of the app store? What’s happening to them?

Welcome TO Game Club!

GameClub is a place where anyone can enjoy app store classics with a single monthly subscription. As a result you no longer need worry about in-app purchases or money grabbing game play features. This is an all-in-one service covered by a single monthly fee. There will be fresh games every week and the back catalogue willkeep you entertained.

Some of the old gems returning to the app store include our beloved Plunderland, Chippy & KANO games which are now available to download.

Already OWN A GAME?

If you’ve bought any of these games in the past, you can bypass all the Game Club interactions and enjoy the updated games on your latest devices for no extra cost. However, if you’re new to these titles, you can support Glitchers by subscribing to Game Club directly through Plunderland, Chippy or KANO.


Plunderland for iOS through GameClub

Chippy for iOS through GameClub

KANO for iOS through GameClub

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