Our second stop for the Drive Buy Roadshow was with our friends at Ustwo, known most recently for their beautiful Monument Valley game series.

‘Dizzy Totem’ emote

Staying true to our word of bring something for the developers we visit, we created 2 custom emotes for the event, the Dizzy Totem and Laughing Crow.

‘Laughing Crow’ emote

It’s always great fun playing with other development studios, the feedback is essential, but most of all, UsTwo Games enjoyed playing Drive Buy!Next stop is Payload Studios, creators of TerraTech.

If you want to take part in the closed beta, you can get yourself a key at DriveBuyGame.com

Streaming Every Tuesday, 5pm

We’re now streaming every Tuesday at 5pm GMT. If you missed this week, catch up on last Tuesdays stream on the Glitchers Youtube channel and join us next time.

The best part of our weekly streams are getting to play with the community. If you’ve already got a key then hit us up on our Discord and come play with us on the stream next Tuesday.

From now on we’ll also be streaming ad-hoc throughout the week, so keep an eye on discord and twitter for our stream announcements provided by the Restream.io service (thanks!).

Tuesday 12th March at ? 5pm GMT on Twitch

Exclusive Unlocks!

Get exclusive unlocks for streaming Drive Buy.

We’re more than happy for you to stream Drive Buy to your audience, just mention where your viewers can join the closed beta — DriveBuyGame.com.

We’ll be rewarding streamers posting to our Discord #streaming channel a special gift card filled with some exclusive unlocks.

How can I get involved?

  1. Post your video to YouTube or Twitch
  2. Send us the link on the Glitchers Discord #streaming channel
  3. We’ll post a confirmation that we see it, and the gift card will be ready to open next launch


Whip mines by boosting and using handbrake
  • Powerup tweaks-Mine whipping
  • Magnet power-up now drags rival drivers towards your vehicle making it stronger and easier for new players. Escape it with… boost!
  • Added ‘BREAK ICE’ to the ice-beam. Reduces the length you’re stuck in ice by 2 seconds, so get MASHING that button.
Break ice by smashing the A or X button
  • Added table of assets for showing what items you can unlock in the closed beta. Check it out at DriveBuyGame.com
  • Added ‘Volume Sliders’ for fine-grain audio control
  • Tweaked keyboard controls, still lots of work to do here
  • Updated Unity to 2017.4.22f1
  • Planned new lobby flow and universal game list
  • Planned region-less game joining

The latest build is available now on Steam.

Shout Outs

And thanks to everyone else for playing, hope to see you in the upcoming weeks.

And Finally…

250 new keys have dropped, see you in the game over the weekend! Still not got yours? Make sure you’re on the list at DriveBuyGame.com and we’ll be dropped more keys next week.

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