On behalf of the entire studio, a huge thank you to the 1,000+ beta players who redeemed their keys and joined us for the Drive Buy Closed Beta – your feedback has already proven invaluable and will most certainly contribute to a better game play experience for everyone who buys the game on launch.

Now the beta’s closed, we’re revving up for launch sometime in 2020

We still need your help

Wishlist Drive Buy – even if you already had, the wishlist disappears when you activate a key, so please go back and wishlist Drive Buy on Steam to continue your support for the game.

Join us at EGX at 17th- 20th of October at ExCel London. You’ll find us at the Tentacle Zone where we’ll be riding with you in high-vis delivery driver vests. Come say hi and pick up some awesome Drive Buy merch too.

Watch the weekly stream! – The weekly stream will continue, so join us there each Tuesday at 7pm GMT on Twitch – next week we’re playing Knights and Bikes alongside Drive Buy.

Join the Discord and tell your friends about Drive Buy – it’s like Crazy Taxi had a baby with Mario Kart, but was badly influenced by their pal, Twisted Metal during the awkward teenage years. Kinda makes sense.

Drive Buy at the Barbican

UKIE offered us space to show Drive Buy at one of our favourite locations in London, the Barbican, and we jumped at the chance.

We’re thrilled at how the players at UKIE 30th birthday responded to Drive Buy, and we look forward to seeing more highlight-worthy plays during EGX and future game events.

What ELSE HAppened in Beta?

Apart from all the massive updates to Drive Buy, we took Drive Buy around to some of our developer friends.

We owe a big thanks to all the game studios for letting us bring Drive Buy to their offices

Ustwo Games are our buddies from way back, so it was great to show them Drive Buy and get their feedback.

The Tentacle Zone offered us an opportunity to share Drive Buy with both Payload Studios and Spilt Milk Studios all in one super awesome space and the feedback was amazing.

When a good game of Drive Buy is celebrated with a fist bump.


Shout out to everyone who played, but especially K.Doctor, BionicVapour, Morbid_Wisp, BatPrince, Crystallised Entertainment, GNious, Druconusx and MilonRouge for sticking with the bugs and playing with us on the stream.

We look forward to seeing you all back in Drive Buy soon and chatting with us on Discord!


  1. Wishlist Drive Buy on Steam
  2. Join our weekly stream on Twitch (every Tuesday, 7pm BST!)

More questions? Give our FAQ a read!

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