This week we’ve added a new preview map for you to try called “Canary” — it’s  surrounded by a breathtaking water feature and it’s really fun to see far across the map.

When driving around Canary the water is most noticeable at the northeast side, with skyscrapers  surrounding it. This level is loosely based on Canary Wharf area of London which is right next to the Thames, it looks super dystopian when lit up at night

We’ve also started marked out the  career section on the main menu so in the coming weeks we will be resetting the XP earned for every player so we can fully test this out. More details on that next week.


Updated Drive Buy Main Menu

Build 2247 Changelog

  • Added: NEW map – “Canary
  • Fixed: UI issue with games list
  • Fixed: connecting screen not being dismissed if there was an error connecting

Drivers (previously Customisation)

  • Updated: Customisation section has been renamed to ‘Drivers’
  • Added: New items are tagged as “New” so you can easily find what you unlocked
  • Fixed: scrolling text for long item names


  • Added: Games automatically start when everyone is ready
  • Added: Can view Steam profiles of people you are playing with
  • Added: Manage bot players directly
  • Added: a sound when a player joins your game

Main Menu

  • Updated: main menu options to read ‘Play’, ‘Drivers’ and ‘Career’
  • Added: “NEW” tag to show new unlocks you haven’t yet looked at

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