It’s been a great two weeks in development. We’ve made some exciting edits to the build, including a new package design, map changes and more level lighting changes. We’ve been working on improving the game visuals with a focus on improving player visibility and making the delivery flows much smoother.


Canary Map from across the water

The Canary map now flows a lot better, we have introduced larger turns on the edge of the map and increased lights to boost the visibility of shortcuts and highlighted landmarks to help with memorising the layout. Because of those changes to Canary, more of the surrounding water is visible at one end of the map. Certain buildings now emit light which helps with navigation and we bumped up the environment light giving more dramatic light and dark areas.

The delivery locations and customer layouts have all been refined so they’re now more streamlined. Players should find it easier to make deliveries in one smooth motion freeing up their thoughts to concentrate on what’s next.


Since we introduced the package in the previous build, we’ve been working on making it look like the day to day delivery package you expect to receive from a “giant internet retailer”. Check out the 3d model and take a look at the label for a little extra detail.


Map updates for Canary and Kingsland

  • Updated delivery location layouts
  • New shortcut from package drop zone (Canary)
  • Bigger turns (Canary)

UI Updates

  • Incoming rocket indicator has been updated to be more visible
  • Removed equipped powerup indicator from main UI

Design Updates

  • New package design


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